September 16, 2012

6th Annual Cabin Classic Golf Tournament in Clear Lake, Iowa

6th Annual Cabin Classic Golf Tournament in Clear Lake, Iowa
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 16, 2012

The wife and kids were getting sick and tired of me hanging around them all the time, so I headed down to Iowa for a guy's weekend.  Harvest time is near.

Jason Alexander has organized a golf tournament based at his cabin in Clear Lake for the past 6 years.  This year it was called the 6th Annual Cabin Classic which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

The tournament usually attracts a pretty gnarly cast of characters.

We were scheduled to leave for the golf course at 7am on Saturday morning.  Amazingly everyone showed up on time and were raring to go.  

I think the three gallons of Bloody Marys Jason Bradshaw brought may have helped everyone wake up just a little bit.

OK.  They actually helped a lot.

And whenever you ran out of your drink, there was always somebody right there willing to give you another!  What a bunch of nice guys!

The first 18 holes of golf just seemed to fly by!  It probably helped that we were playing a Best Ball format.  For some reason, we didn't use a lot of my shots.  I found myself constantly muttering that I have The Worst Balls in the world.

Lunch time arrived and we headed back to the cabin so these guys could serve us some meat.  

Then we headed back to the course for another 9 holes.  It was supposed to be another 18, but we were too pooped to continue.   

We were also excited to get back to the cabin to indulge in some more meat.  Matt Glidden was kind enough to bring us a whole side of prime rib which was quite delicious.
All in All, it was one of the best golf weekends I've attended all year!  I can't wait for the 7th Annual Cabin Classic. 

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