September 3, 2012

Minnesota State Fair 2012

Minnesota State Fair 2012
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for August 26, 2012

We all Got Together for the Great Minnesota Get Together.

It was way crowded as usual, but we didn't care.  We had visions of corn dogs and chocolate covered bacon on a stick dancing through our heads.

We thought it might not be quite so busy this year since the media was doing their best to remind everyone that this place was certain to be literally infested with Swine Flu.  

We weren't intimidated, though.   As a matter of fact, I intentionally walked around and licked every pig I could find just to show them I wasn't scared.

But with all the media coverage of the Swine Flu, I didn't see a single story written about the fact that so many Racist Sheep are still allowed to come to the Fair.  Seems pretty insensitive to me.

And nobody was complaining about all the fish they keep trapped in a big cement hole.  Fish should be allowed to swim freely anywhere they want at the fair, but nobody was putting up warning signs on behalf of them!

They also allow people to do things to puppies that I'm sure have been banned in most other countries.  Doesn't seem very Minnesota Nice to me.

My shock and disappointment continued to grow when we went into the Art exhibits and found this "Roadkill Quilt Baby Blanket" hanging on the wall!!  Who the heck is running this show?

My shock turned into utter terror when I discovered that they were actually taking young ladies and turning their heads into Butter Sculptures!  Who are these people?

Luckily, I ran into my old buddy Mark Rosen who's the local sports guy on KFAN Radio and CBS News.  I'm sure he'll be reporting on the atrocities I witnessed any day now.

But all was not lost for the day we spent at the fair.  Once we wandered around to some of the outlying areas, we stumbled across a team of Trampoline Jumpers that inspired us to Aim High!!

Here's a video of some of their amazing performance:

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