January 27, 2013

Ice Castles at the Mall of America

Ice Castles at the Mall of America
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 27, 2013

On Thursday night, we went to the Mall of America to see a new attraction called Ice Castles.  It's basically a bunch of large lumps of ice that have been formed with water pumped in from the Mississippi River.  It was 8 degrees outside and below zero with the wind chill factor added so we thought it would be a great idea to go stand outside and stare at a bunch of frozen water for awhile.

We asked the Zitzewitz Family if they wanted to join us and they said Sure!  Because they are also Gluttons for Punishment!

There were neat tunnels through some of the structures.  They weren't very long, but that didn't stop Grandma Linda from getting lost in them.  Miss Sheri had to go back and rescue her three different times!

The boys scrambled away from us right when we arrived.  When I encountered them 15 minutes later, Luke looked at me and said "What are we doing here?  It's cold!"  Not a great endorsement for the ice castles I'm afraid.

We all pretty much agreed that although the ice castles were kind of cool to see, it was probably a bit over priced at roughly $27 per family.  We were ready to go in less than a half hour, but maybe we would have been a little bit more into it on a warmer night.  But probably not.

Our favorite part of the place was the fire pit.  They should have put one of these right next to each of the ice castles.  Because the main thing each of those structures needed to be was a lot warmer!

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