January 27, 2013

Skiing at Afton Alps with the Iowa Boys

Skiing at Afton Alps with the Iowa Boys
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 27, 2013

My high school buddies came to town for our annual ski trip.  This is the day each year where we pretend we are still in shape and capable of attaching planks of wood to our feet and hurling ourselves down the side of a large hill while a thousand people criss cross directly in front of our paths.  I'm happy to report that for another year we didn't send anybody to the hospital!!  So the weekend can be considered a success!

We used to have lots of exciting crashes throughout the day on these trips, but those don't seem to happen any more.  Either my friend are becoming better skiers or are taking less risks with their bodies as they get older.  Probably a little bit of both.

Even Jason is getting to the point where he can stick with the group. He's never been a huge fan of skiing, but he's come a long ways over the years.  He used to demand that we leave him behind so he could take off his skis and walk back to the chalet, but now he keeps his skis on the whole day!  Way to go, Jason!

 That night we hooked up with some other friends at the Steak House at Mystic Lake Casino.  Mmmmmm, Steak!

We ended the night by rocking out with Spooky Poodle at Arizonas in Shakopee!  These guys rock!

Even though we meet new friends in life, there's just nothing like Old Friends for having fun.  

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