January 20, 2013

January Christmas at Grandma's Farm

January Christmas at Grandma's Farm
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 20, 2013

Since we spent Christmas with my family in Texas this year, we needed to head down to Grandma's Farm to celebrate Christmas with Miss Sheri's side of the family.

Grandma was excited to see us, but I think she was even more excited to get this Carbon Monoxide Detector from Uncle Jerry.  Although she debated whether she should install it or not because she's kind of starting to like what she calls her "Laughing Gas". 

Uncle Jerry was also excited to see us, but even more excited to get some new undies for Christmas.  Apparently he's been going without for quite some time now.

I was really excited to get this new wallet until I discovered that I was supposed to fill it up on my own.

Sunny is always very excited to come to the farm because they have a bunch of something that we don't have at home.  Kitty Cats!!!

Luke had to remind our dog that most days, these little kitties wait outside Grandma's door because a sweet lady comes out that door carrying table scraps and other goodies for them to eat.  It's quite unnerving for them when instead that door opens up and out comes bounding a 100 pound drooling beast sprinting directly at them with a blood thirsty look in his eye.  Luke then has to scold Sunny and tell him that chasing the cats up Grandma's TV Antenna Pole is just not appropriate behavior.

I don't speak cat, but if I did I'm guessing this guy would be saying "When the Hell are you people going back to Minnesota?"

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