July 21, 2013

Prior Lake Lakefront Music Fest 2013 with Warrant and Bret Michaels

Prior Lake Lakefront Music Fest 2013 Warrant & Bret Michaels
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for July 21, 2013

This weekend was the 4th Annual Prior Lake Lakefront Music Fest.  Every year this weekend long concert gets bigger and bigger.  This year they said more than 10,000 people were there.

We saw our good friend, Jen Walters, with her sister in law.  They sure looked like they were ready to rock.

Some more good friends, Heidi and Mark Wojahn, saved spots for us near the stage.  We're lucky we arrived when we did because the crowd was starting to close in on our space!

We had never seen this police tower before, but next year I'm gonna try to figure out how to become a cop because this looks like a pretty good place to watch the concert!

Warrant was jamming when we arrived.

They ended their set by singing about somebody they called their "Cherry Pie".  I didn't see what she looked like, but she sounds like a fun lady.

Bret Michaels was the headliner and the consummate showman.  He sold meet and greet opportunities before and after the show and auctioned off his guitar for more than $3,000 after he was done.  He didn't even say the money was going to charity or anything.  He just kept working the crowd for money!!  God Bless Him!  I wish I could do that...

I guess I need to figure out how to get some dreamy blue eyes first.

He sang a lot of classic songs from Poison and covered some popular songs from other bands as well.  I was really impressed with his show and have gained a new respect for the man outside of the Apprentice.

After the show, Miss Sheri and I wandered around backstage and got pictures with this guy.  I think he's the lead singer for Warrant, but may just be a roady.  I'm just not sure.  Whoever he is, I told him I was one of his biggest fans in the world and told him it would be a dream fulfilled to get my picture taken with him.  He was very nice and let us take 2!

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