October 12, 2014

Prior Lake Homecoming 2014

Prior Lake Homecoming
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 12, 2014

It was homecoming week in Prior Lake, so we decided to show our school spirit and head to the game.

This was our first game of the season.  It was fun to see the Friday night lights illuminated, but I wish I would have dressed a little warmer.  I guess I still forget that it gets pretty cold in Minnesota in the Fall.  Either that or I'm just really getting old.

The home town team is doing really well this year.  Their record is 6 and 1 and they are currently tied for 5th place in the Minnesota 6a football standings.  We really need to start rooting them on some more, but it seems like they're doing pretty good without us.

The team installed a brand new score board this year that was pretty impressive.  Especially when the score racked up to 46 to 0 with more than 5 minutes to go in the half.

We enjoyed seeing the homecoming court during Half Time.  I think they were doing a fund raiser for breast cancer.  Either that or Pink is just really in style this year.

Luke had some good stuff go his way this week when he went to the orthodontist and had his braces removed!  It's nice to be able to see his smile without having to see my own reflection in his teeth any more.

On Saturday night, we headed to Mystic Lake Casino to see Masters of Illusion.

The show consisted of four different magicians doing a variety of tricks.  Most of them involved shoving women into boxes of some sort.

They did do one trick I hadn't seen before when they made a helicopter appear out of thin air.  I would have been more impressed if they would have tried to fly it around the auditorium.

One of the magicians was kind enough to invite audience members to come on the stage to witness his next trick up close.  I don't think he had any clue that so many of us would take him up on the offer, but Luke and I were able to get ahead of the crowd so we could watch what he was doing up close.

I've always been a pretty gullible person, so magicians can pull a lot over on me.  I watched him put this woman in a box, put a sharp blade through her stomach, pull her in half, and then insert swords into her torso.  Even standing up so close, I still have no idea how the trick works.  I assume she crawls up in one side, but she's got be extremely flexible to do that.

We got to meet Rick Thomas after the show.  He wouldn't tell me how he did the woman in a box trick, though.  Kind of rude if you ask me.

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