October 19, 2014

Valley Scare 2014

Valley Scare 2014
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 19, 2014

On Friday night, we went to Valley Scare in Shakopee, Minnesota to mix it up with ghosts, zombies, and monsters.

There were a lot of interesting people to meet while we were there.

They appeared to be kind of scary, but actually turned out to be quite friendly.

We had to walk by a whole bunch of these people to get from one attraction to the next.  Sometimes they'd hide and then introduce themselves in a loud, startling way but I think they just may lack good social skills.  I'm hoping the Valley Fair people will help them learn how to be better communicators.

Part of the problem may be that they were pumping a whole ton of smoke into the place with these weird boxes.  I literally felt like the Marlboro man walking through the streets.  I started feeling dizzy after only a short time being there, so I'm sure it contributes to their employees unpleasant demeanors.

Even inside the buildings there was all sorts of this smoke.  You couldn't even see your hand in front of your face it was so thick.  It's probably why the employees we met inside those buildings were so rude.  They were literally jumping out from behind walls and screaming in our faces and stuff.  I gotta think it's the smoke that's making them act that way.

Lucky for me, my wife stayed by my side and helped me get through the place.  She's so good to me.

We might try going to Valley Fair again next summer, but there's no way I'm going again this fall.  Not until they get rid of those crazy smoke boxes that seem to be making everybody who works at the place go a little crazy.

The leaves are turning colors and falling off the trees.  That's not a good sign for summer extending itself into the year 2015.  I guess the seasons changing really are inevitable.

Sure is pretty outside, though.

On Saturday night, we went out for dinner with our good friend, Tim Ashland, and we got to meet his girlfriend, Janelle.  She's a very nice lady and a pleasant dinner companion.

We even tricked them into getting into the hot tub with us at the end of the night.  Nothing like taking a bath together to really to get to know someone.

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