May 10, 2015

Intel VP: The Business Game Gets Better With Skylake Plus Windows 10

"I'm particularly excited about Skylake. … We haven't had a good desktop launch in a couple of years, so that's one really exciting story that we'll hear [at ISS]," said Todd Swank, senior director of product marketing at Equus Computer Systems, an Intel partner based in Minnetonka, Minn. "The PC refresh is something new to talk about with Skylake, mixed with Windows 10, so hopefully we'll see a boost in demand with those two launches coming side by side."

"It will be really interesting to see what features will be there," said Equus Computers' Swank. "Often, we know that new chipsets will be faster and cooler, but I'm curious to see what other features will be highlighted by Intel at this launch relative to what our customers want from a PC. For resellers and end users, Intel does a great job laying out that story line."

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