May 31, 2015

Smalley's Wench Fest 2015 in Stillwater, Minnesota

Smalley's Wench Fest 2015 in Stillwater, Minnesota
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 31, 2015

It's been pretty cool in Minnesota this spring, but the kids decided enough time had passed for them to get on the tube and give it a whirl.

I don't know why Avery and Sydney get so excited whenever Luke goes flying off the back of the tube, but it sure seems to make them happy.

Blue is slowly starting to become a better dog and is starting to get ingrained into the family.  I'm thinking Sunny is even starting to accept him a little bit.

We've been kennel training Blue and it's pretty cute when we open up the zipper on his kennel each morning.  He pops up like a Jack in the Box!

On Friday night, we took a trip to the local Bowling Alley to work out some aggression on some pins.  We had a team match and for the first time, the kids beat the parents in a straight-up game.  We'll get 'em next time.

I may not look like it, but I can throw a wicked curve ball.

On Saturday night, we joined some friends for a cruise up the St. Croix river.

Captain Karl and Tina invited us for a good time steaming up the river from Afton to Stillwater, Minnesota.  

They're building a new bridge in Stillwater which is a pretty impressive engineering feat to see up close.  I have to imagine those construction workers need to be able to hold their breath for a really long time to work on the bottom of these pillars.

We arrived and were ready to take on the town!

We went to a Pirate Bar called Smalley's who just happened to be celebrating Wench Fest 2015.  I really like wenches!

Captain Jack Sparrow was there, but he seemed a little bit inebriated so I didn't go and talk to him.  I thought that guy would have cleaned up his act by now.

We ended up waiting at the bar for about 2 and a half hours to get a table, but apparently none of those wenches wanted to leave so we had to get our food to go.  The staff at Smalley's was incredibly cool about the fact that we waited so long and ended up giving our group a nice discount for the inconvenience.  A big Thank You to them for what I thought was a very classy move.  The food was great!

We ended up heading back down the river after the sun went down and had a lovely moonlight cruise to end the evening.

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