May 3, 2015

The Kentucky Derby at Canterbury Downs

The Kentucky Derby at Canterbury Downs
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 3, 2015

Miss Sheri went to St. Louis last week.  This was my favorite picture she took although I can't help but keep wondering what happened to the third Charlie's Angel.

We are really proud of Luke this week.  The kid went out on his own and found a job at the local DQ.  On his second night working we went in and ordered some food so we could sneak a peek at how he was doing.

He says he really likes making Blizzards and other ice cream treats, but I really wonder how much the customers get and how much comes home on his shirt!

On Friday night, we headed to the Mall of America to ride some escalators.

Since we were already there, we thought we'd stop by Benihana and see our good friends, the Zitzewitz Family.  That worked out pretty well.

I love Benihana but literally gained 13 pounds during this meal.  I gotta take a month off from eating to recover.

After engorging myself, I thought I might be able to lose some weight by going to the Legion in Savage and sing some Karaoke.  It didn't really work for me.

It has now been one week since we brought Blue into our home.  The first few nights were really rough as he cried a lot in his kennel, but each night seems to get a little better and he's now making it through most of the night.  Sunny is NOT loving his new house-mate though.  Blue follows Sunny everywhere and nips at his face and other body parts every chance he gets.  Sunny is a boy, but Blue thinks that he can still get milk out of him.   It usually doesn't end very well for either one of them.

On Saturday morning we went to see the new Avengers movie.  I'm beginning to realize that I no longer enjoy Marvel movies.  After seeing like 50 of them, I'm starting to realize they are all generally the same.  Spoiler alert, the bad guys appear unstoppable, the good guys figure out a way to win, and then at the end there appears an even worse bad guy that the good guys will have to defeat in the next movie.  I can't wait to see it.

Saturday afternoon brought us to Canterbury Downs to connect with some friends and watch the greatest 2 minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby!  Mike was the only one who remembered his derby hat.

It's amazing how many people show up to watch a 2 minute horse race on a big video screen in the field.  I guess it's probably because you can place your bets there which I did.  I could kick myself because if I would have listened to my coworker, I would have won the $600 superfecta.  But I thought I was clever and chose the horse with the name I thought sounded cool (Carpe Diem) instead of the horse he told me to choose (Firing Line).  I'm a big dummy.

At least I had a good time hanging out with this crew of characters.  They make losing money fun!

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