June 7, 2015

Golfing at Oak Hills in Clear Lake, Iowa

Golfing at Oak Hills in Clear Lake, Iowa
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 7, 2015

Friday night brought us the annual Boy Scout picnic which signifies the last Boy Scout meeting of the year before the summer break.  Luke and Avery haven't been able to attend as much this year with other activities getting in the way, but they still really enjoy being part of the troop!

As part of his Fab Lab class, Avery and some other students had to put on a business presentation for some products they developed.  His team designed some unique new shower heads using 3D Printers & Autodesk Inventor.  I'm so jealous of what our kids get to work on in high school.  We never had cool tools like those!

On Friday night, I drove down to Clear Lake, Iowa to meet up with some friends.

Krazy Kory and Ron "Sugarman" Myers met up with me for a little golf at my favorite course in the world.  Oak Hills.  It's a great little Par 3 course where I first learned how to swing a golf club.  

We also played a little bit of pool and I'm sure Kory and Ron will remember the lessons I taught them for quite awhile!

We also stopped and saw some old friends.  We went to high school with Stacy and Ron wanted to stop by and show him his new car.  Stacy is in the process of selling his farm and talking about moving to Virginia.  If you're looking to become a farmer and want to get your hands on a great piece of property in North Iowa, you should think about giving Stacy a call!

We also stopped at the VFW to see our old buddy, Scott Barragy.  This guy always seems to be working!  At least whenever I come to Clear Lake he does.  I guess I'm not there very often so it's quite possible I just get lucky and only see him the one night a week he works.  Who knows.

We also bumped into some friends at the golf course like Famous "Matt" Amos.  That's what I love about Clear Lake so much.  Just good people everywhere you go!

We woke up early Saturday morning to play golf.  Kory was very excited to be out there.

I'm not a very good golfer, but I do love playing at Oak Hills.  The course is just my size so I can keep up with the fellas.  For some reason, when I get on the big courses with the 600 yard holes, my game goes out the window.  One of these years, I'm gonna have to figure out how to drive the ball better than I do.  Then I'll show 'em.

When I came back home, I joined my family to help with Braden Wojahn's eagle project.  He was building an insect habitat at a local school and recruited a bunch of other scouts to help him.

At our house, we're not very nice to the bugs that come to visit.  But Braden wants to be an entomologist and says that a habitat like this can actually be very friendly to the environment.  I guess I'll just have to take his word for it, because they're ain't no way we're building one of these things in my backyard!

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