June 14, 2015

Prior Lake Graduation 2015

Prior Lake Graduation 2015
Todd Swank's Diary Update for June 14, 2015

Blue is still a pretty ornery puppy and has a long way to go until he can be trusted, but he is starting to grow on us.  I think it's because he's striving so hard to be just like Sunny.

We had some rain this week, but a beautiful rainbow made it seem to be not so bad.

Thursday was the last day of school, so our boys are officially Juniors in High School now.  They celebrated the occasion with a couple of friends, one of which who had left by the time we thought we should take a photo to mark the occasion!

Friday night brought the graduation ceremony for the Prior Lake High School seniors.  It's hard for us to believe that in just a couple of more years our boys will be in this situation.  Where does the time go?

Luke played in the band.  Just the same old Pomp and Circumstance kind of stuff.

Prior Lake is a pretty big school and there was something like 600 kids graduating.  It takes quite awhile to read all those names!

We woke up early Saturday morning and thought a boat ride sounded like fun.

Not sure if this is what Luke had in mind when I asked if he wanted to go for a boat ride, but I felt that the kid could use some exercise.  Next week I'm going to make him row with me on board as well.

We then went to the Prior Lake Farmer's Market to get some breakfast.  Those farmers sure know how to cook!

They do the Farmer's Market in Prior Lake every Saturday during the summer.  There's a lot of different vendors that set-up downtown to sell their wares.  And we like to wander around and sample all the goodies!

These farmers sure know how to play some good tunes!

Have a listen:

Saturday night brought us to some graduation parties for some really cool seniors!  We had the opportunity to attend the parties for both Elissa and Maggie who we had the honor of working with for the marketing responsibilities for the Prior Lake High School Robotics Team, KING TeC.  They were phenomenal marketing people and I'm sure they will be successful at college.

We also knew Phillisha from robotics.  She was one of the team's spirit leaders in the past and always lifted everyone's spirits around her.  She told me she's going to study nursing and eventually wants to be a Mid-Wife and help deliver babies.  I admire her ambition!

We ended the night with a trip to see Jurassic World which was a fun, popcorn movie.  The plot wasn't that unique, but the dinosaurs were fun.  If you liked the original movie, you're sure to enjoy this one as well.  One Big Thumb Up!

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