June 21, 2015

Jet Skiing on the St. Croix River

Jet Skiing on the St. Croix River 
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for 6/21/15

Our week started with a boat ride with the Walters.  It's a good way to start the week.

Monday night brought us Blue's first visit to the dog park.  He did pretty good, but we can't completely trust him off the leash yet.  He likes to run away and not come back.  We're pretty convinced he'd go home with any family that would take him, but we're hoping his love grows stronger for our family after some time.  Right now, he'll love anyone.

Hey, can I have a turn with the ball?

Saturday brought us to the St. Croix river for a boat ride and some jet skiing with the Zitzewitz Family.  They named their boat Kaatiana Z using the first two letters from each of their names.  Karl, Ana, Tina, and Aaron.  I was hoping to get in there also, but I guess they didn't like the sound of Kaatianato.  

It was supposed to rain all day, but we were pleasantly surprised that there were blue skies and sunshine.  Perfect weather to get in some jet ski action!

I used to get to drive the jet ski all the time, but now that my boys are old enough to drive, I get shoved to the back seat a lot.

The boys keep asking me how to drive crazy like Karl does and I told them that step one is you have to buy your own jet ski.

Here's a couple of minutes of video of our rides:

We didn't just jet ski and boat, though.  We also went on turtle watching expeditions.

On Sunday, the boys volunteered to help run the hot dog booth at a local grocery store to support their high school robotics team.  What a bunch of good wieners.

For father's day, we went to Benihana to gorge ourselves.  Mmmmm. Yum Yum Sauce.  

Happy Father's Day!!

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