October 4, 2015

Prior Lake Homecoming 2015

Prior Lake Homecoming 2015
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 4, 2015

On Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of going out and having a beer with my old buddy, Bob Dornik.  Bob and I have worked together at 3 different companies and reminisced about a bunch of old stories from the past 20 years.  Then we shook our heads and said, what the heck happened to that 20 years?  No way has it been that long!  Then we quietly left the bar feeling that time is just moving way too fast.

On Friday night, it was the Prior Lake Homecoming football game.  Maple Grove was coming to town and the crowd was electric on this beautiful evening in Minnesota.

 The boys went to the game by themselves, so Miss Sheri and I had a date night.  We decided going to a high school football game would be a very romantic way to spend the night.

We showed up just as the game was beginning which was a mistake.  There had to be at least a few thousand people there, so there was no way we were getting seats.  Prior Lake High School has 2400 students which is just a wee bit bigger than the high schools Miss Sheri and I went to when we grew up in Iowa.   

We had to stand at the fence and watch the game from the end zone.  Lucky for us, we were there with a bunch of fun people like the Walters and the Zwingers.  I could stand near a fence with these guys anywhere!

We also had the chance to hang out with PLHS principal, Dave Lund.  Mr Lund is a great guy and has been fantastic at helping us with Luke and the amount of school he's had to miss for doctor stuff.  He's also been a great friend to the Prior Lake Robotics program which is another big plus in our book.  It's always weird for me to hang out with teachers and principals as an adult, because when I was in school I never thought they liked me all that much.  

During half time, the band came out sporting their new uniforms.  The Band Boosters have been collecting money for these over the past couple of years.  They had to collect something like $15,000 to make this happen so it was nice to finally see them in action.  I think they even made the kids sound a little better, but that's just a theory.

Prior Lake made some great plays in the game, but it ultimately proved to be a futile effort as the visiting team ended up wining the game by a score of 42 - 21.  You'll get 'em next year, guys!

I've been dealing with some medical problems the past few weeks and went in for a doctor's appointment on Saturday morning.  While I was there, I thought it would be a good idea to get a flu shot.  The nurse told me afterwards that I was very brave which made me happy.  Don't forget to get your flu shots!

On Sunday, we decided to take out the boat one more time before putting it away for the winter.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but we discovered it was pretty dang cold once we got out there.  Darn Minnesota.

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