October 18, 2015

Trail of Terror in Shakopee, Minnesota

Trail of Terror in Shakopee, Minnesota
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 18, 2015

Fall snuck up on us, so we figured it was time to start doing some of our favorite autumn activities.  On Sunday, we headed to Minnesota Harvest which is an apple orchard featuring a bunch of family activities.  And pumpkins.

They have wagons being pulled by tractors going out into the orchard.  We never end up buying any apples, but we always like going out into the fields on the free wagon rides.  It's fun seeing apples up close!

How do you like them Apples?

They have an observation deck in the building where you can watch the workers sort and pack apples.  They were working awfully hard for a Sunday.

On Friday night, we drove up to Jake's City Grill in Eden Prairie to meet up with Jason, Jen, and Tim.  They're nice people.

It was time to do the final cleaning of the boat and pack it away for the winter.  I explained to the boys that when I was little, my dad used to make my older sisters wash and wax his boat every week so they were lucky to only have to help once a summer.  I don't think they believed me, but it's true.

On Saturday night, we drove to Shakopee to check out Trail of Terror and their haunted attractions.  I had high hopes for scares when I met this guy at the front gate.

The boys brought their friend, Carson, and we walked down a haunted trail and through several haunted buildings.  I found them to be a little bit scary, but it was hard to shake the fact that in the end it was just some high school kids hiding in the dark and yelling Boo.  I suppose that could be scary in it's own right.

Pretty soon, I got bored at going through the scary places with the kids and instead stood up and did some karaoke on the outside stage they had set up there.  I'm guessing I may have ended up scaring some people on my own!

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