March 20, 2016

Oracle Q416 Kickoff Party at Mall of America

Oracle Q416 Kickoff Party at Mall of America
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 20, 2016

On Thursday morning, I was able to go to work a little bit later than usual.  We were having our Q4, 2016 kickoff party for Oracle Direct Minneapolis salespeople at the Mall of America.  These were the catwalks we had to navigate to get to the event.

My co-workers and I were excited to get inspired to sell more enterprise cloud applications to finish the year strong.

We had a special guest there to help kick off the festivities and awards ceremony.  That Iron Man sure is motivational!

It was a really fun event and I had the chance to socialize with some great people.  We had tournaments in bowling, air hockey, and basketball.  I sucked at all of them.

Worst of all, they had a Karaoke set-up and I have a nasty habit of grabbing the microphone and pretending that I can sing.  Loud.  One of these days I gotta stop doing that.

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