July 24, 2016

Golfing in the Rain at Oak Hills in Clear Lake, Iowa

Golfing in the Rain at Oak Hills in Clear Lake, Iowa
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for July 24, 2016

It was my 46th birthday on Wednesday night.  Let us never discuss this again.

My co-workers were very nice and took me out for lunch on my birthday.  They're such good people.

My friend, Bob Berning, sent me this birthday photo he created.  I thought it was excellent!

Luke stayed busy this week helping the robotics team volunteer for the community auto show in downtown Prior Lake.

They built a wall, but I'm not sure who paid for it.

On Saturday morning, I drove to Clear Lake, Iowa.

I went there to see my old buddies and have some fun playing golf.

Unfortunately, it rained off and on throughout much of the day.  I was pretty fussy about playing in the rain, but Krazy Kory and Ron didn't seem to mind it much.

Ron told me he didn't mind playing in the rain because he has waterproof shoes.  I gotta get me some of those.  The second my socks became wet, I wasn't having much fun any more.

Even though my wet feet were bothering me, I did have one of the best shots I've ever had in my life on Hole # 8.

This is the closest I've ever come to a hole in one.  It sure looked like it had a chance when we were watching it from the tee box.  I'm happy to say, I did hit the birdie so that made me forget my soggy toes for a little while.

The rain slowed us down a bit so we were only able to play 18 holes, but they were a fun 18 holes to be sure.

The rest of the night we visited several bars & restaurants in town to catch up on old times.

We also stopped in to see some old friends like Dennis & Marcia Anderson.  We spent a lot of time at their house when we were in high school, so we thought we'd stop in and catch up with them.  They were good.

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