July 17, 2016

The Water Is Really High on the St. Croix River

The Water Is Really High on the St. Croix River
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for July 17, 2016

It's hard to believe but our sons, Luke and Avery, turned 17 this week.  They're going to be seniors this year and plan to be leaving the house to go to college next summer.  I just don't know where the time has gone.  It doesn't seem possible...

They had a 17 year check-up with their pediatrician, Dr. Foslien.  She has been their doctor since they were born and Luke is finally taller than she is!

On Saturday night, they had a bunch of their friends from the robotics team over for a party to celebrate their birthday.  The HTC Vive virtual reality system was pretty popular with this crowd.  Shocker I know.

We also had the joy of going to another graduation party, this time for Thomas Zwinger.  He will be going to UW Madison this fall to become a Badger.  Best of luck to you, Thomas!

On Sunday, we went to Afton, Minnesota to go for a boat ride with the Zitzewitzes.  We heard the river was really high because of some recent storms up north, but we were shocked at how high it was when we got there.

We sure do like hanging out with Karl and Tina.  They're such happy people.

We were excited to try out the new Splash Island pad Karl got for his birthday.  I was pretty impressed with it when I saw that it could support my weight without sinking.  That's some quality foam there.

But the thing I was most excited to do was going for a kayak ride through the woods on the shoreline!

We all took turns checking it out.

When the river gets way high, it gives us an opportunity to navigate through the trees which is pretty surreal to go through a place where people don't normally get to travel.

There's normally a little stream flowing under this bridge.  It's a bit bigger right now.

We've never been able to go to the other side like this, so it was a special treat for us.

The turtles seemed to be pretty excited to see us.

Suddenly things started getting a lot scarier so we decided to get the heck out of there.  

It felt good to get back to the safety of the boat.  It was another great day on the St. Croix River!

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