July 9, 2016

Whale Watching Day 2 in Monterey Bay, California

Whale Watching Day 2 in Monterey Bay, California
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 29, 2016

Our fourth day in California began with some very delicious Crepes of Brittany.  No, not this Brittany.  The Crepes were courtesy of several nice workers at this restaurant, but I don't remember which of them was named Brittany.  

We did pretty much the same thing on the 4th day as we did on the 3rd day.  Whale Watching.  But this time we were accompanied by Grandma Joyce and her good friend, Bill.  Tracy, Dave, Lauren, and Avery decided to skip out for a second time.  I think they were all scared that they were going to be eaten by one of the whales that we were supposed to be watching.

We had a nice view of the sea lion covered rocks again as we floated by.  They smelled worse on this side.

It took us quite awhile to see whales on our first trip out in the Bay, but the second day was much more productive.  We started seeing whale sprays shortly after we left the shore.

We still only saw Humpback whales, but there were more of them.  This particular grouping had 3 whales in the same general area.

Eventually we went to another location and I was surprised to see us bump into the other boat that we went out whale watching on the day before.  I felt like we'd stepped into a time machine or something, but quickly attributed it to the magic whales we had encountered.

They actually were closer to the boat than we'd previously seen, but still pretty lazy at the surface.  I was really hoping to see one of them breach, but no luck.  Just a lot of whale backs.

Whale Got Back!

I was really hoping we'd get some tail while we were out there and then we did.

When we finished our whale watching adventure, we had to travel down the beach a ways to track down the rest of the family.  They decided to rent kayaks for the day.

When I saw them out there, I started regretting going whale watching for a second time as this looked like a lot of fun.

But when they were suddenly attacked by a Killer Sea Lion, I realized I made the right choice.

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