October 8, 2023

Searching for Taylor Swift


Searching for Taylor Swift
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 8, 2023

We had a pleasant treat on Thursday night when we met up with an old friend of mine from back in Iowa.  Deirdre grew up in a town near Clear Lake and we also went to college together.  She moved to the East Coast and we haven't seen each other in probably 30+ years.  She was in the Twin Cities and we met for dinner.  We spent a few hours having some laughs and  catching up on the good ole days.  It was a bunch of fun seeing her!

On Friday night, we connected with my old buddy Orlando Mazzolini for some dinner & a show.  Miss Sheri loves the Big O.

After dinner we picked up Luke and went to Mystic Lake Casino to see Nikki Glaser do comedy.  We were pretty excited for the show.

I'd never seen Nikki Glaser perform live before but I always enjoyed seeing her on a variety of roasts on Comedy Central.  She's very funny.  I didn't realize how raunchy she is as she definitely takes her act to the extreme.  Instead of Nikki Glaser she should probably go by the name Naughty Glaser.

Sunday afternoon brought us to US Bank Stadium to begin our search for Taylor Swift.

The reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs were in town.  It was the perfect matchup for the 1-3 Vikings considering we've been having really bad luck in all of our losses this year.  What a great time to get back on track by beating the Champs.

We have a family draft for tickets each year and the Chiefs were Avery's first choice so he joined me for the game.  They were the first choice before he even knew that Taylor Swift was supposed to be at the game, so that ended up just being icing on the cake.

Taylor's boyfriend, Travis, was playing and she attended his past two games in New York City and Kansas City, so the buzz was that she'd be here also.  We scanned the skyboxes to find her, but weren't having any luck when we got the TMZ notification on my phone that she didn't show for the game.   Have they broken up or does she have something against Minnesota?  It's gotta be the former because we're pretty cool up here.

Judging by all the red in the stadium, it appears a lot of people from Kansas City came up to see her.  I'm sure they were all pretty disappointed when she didn't show.

The cheerleaders all seemed pretty happy that Taylor didn't show.  Let somebody else get some attention for a change!

The actual game was pretty good.  Of course the Vikings had a fumble on the opening drive for the third game in a row, but they battled back and kept it pretty close.  They actually had a chance to tie the game at the end, but this is the Vikings after all.  Naturally we had to have some things go wrong which allowed us to lose by a single score for the 4th time this season. 

It was my first time seeing Patrick Mahomes play in person.  He is an amazing quarterback and had some miracle plays to help them seal the victory.  We should do that sometime.

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