October 27, 2023

Staying Up Late For Monday Night Football


Staying Up Late For Monday Night Football
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 27, 2023

For the second weekend in a row, we went to see dueling pianos!  This time with our good friends, Tom & Kelly Wolf.  We danced and sang to a bunch of classic tunes and had a bunch of fun watching the pianos duel one another.  

I'm usually the one who plans our family outings, but since Abby and Avery have been together, there's someone new to make suggestions for how to spend a Sunday afternoon.  This week Abby suggested we visit the Twin Cities Harvest Festival & Maze in Brooklyn Park.  Count me in!

There's a bunch of attractions at the  festival, but the best one is the Twin Cities largest corn maze.  It's 20 acres of stalks carved in the shape of the St. Paul Saints logo.  We spent the afternoon navigating the corn maze and discovered that the corniest jokes led to the sweetest kernels of laughter! 

They also had a hay ride that took us down the ditch next to the cornfield on one side and the interstate on the other.  I thought we'd end up in the woods eventually, but instead we turned around and drove again in the ditch back to the starting line.  Not a very exciting view, but the ride was fun.

Avery of the Corn.

Monday night brought us to US Bank Stadium to see our Minnesota Vikings take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Neither of my boys wanted to join me for this game because it was a school night.  Which is fine by me because that meant I got to take my lovely lady friend here.

Our man, Kirk Cousins, hasn't exactly been known for his performance on night-time nationally televised games, but I had a feeling early on that this week things would be different.  Go Long.

Our Vikings have struggled so far this season coming into the contest with a record of 2 and 4 and not a single home win.  But it's hard to blame Coach KOC.  He's just so damned good looking.

Some Vikings fans want to blame our poor performance recently on our 2nd year General Manager, Kwesi-Adofo Mensah.  From what I was seeing from the guy, he was styling and not fearing anything.  He knows we're about ready to turn things around and make a successful run into the post season.

Being Monday Night Football, the team tried to mix it up with a cell phone light display and had some way to synchronize everyone's phone flashlights to the music.  It would have been really cool if more than 8% of the crowd decided to participate in it.

The Vikings got off to their typical start when they had a few good plays rolling down the field followed by an opening drive turnover.

Former Iowa State quarterback, Brock Purdy, was here to lead the 49ers.  He threw for 272 yards and a touchdown, fighting tooth and nail to keep the 49ers afloat in the face of the Vikings' onslaught. His efforts, though valiant, were ultimately drowned out by the roar of the Minnesota crowd. It was a bold attempt, but in the end, he found out that even in his best game, he was just a guest in the Vikings' unstoppable show.  

Sometimes I have Chat-GPT write these captions for me if I can't think of anything to say.  This is one of those times.

Jordan Addison emerged as the Viking-slayer the 49ers never saw coming, showcasing his prowess with 123 yards and two touchdowns. His performance was like a lightning strike, illuminating the field in a blaze of glory while leaving the 49ers defense in the dark. With seven receptions, Addison turned every catch into a dagger, piercing the hearts of the opposition. In a game of chess, he was the checkmate the 49ers never anticipated, reminding everyone that in the battle of wits, he was the undisputed king. 

 Yeah.  Chat-GPT again.

The Vikings defense roared like thunder, suffocating every 49ers move. With Brock Purdy in their sights, they turned his passes into potential disasters, intercepting him twice and leaving the 49ers offense in ruins. In a symphony of chaos, they showcased their unwavering might, turning the game into a canvas of destruction where the 49ers were nothing more than helpless bystanders. The Vikings defense didn't just play; they orchestrated a masterpiece, leaving the opposition in awe and defeat.  

It's nice having AI.  Makes this job much easier.

Despite a 2 touchdown performance by Christian McCaffrey, in the end the mighty Vikings proved victorious.  It was the best home game of the season by far.  Probably because it was their first home win of the season, but also it was just a really fun game.  Even if we didn't get home until close to midnight on a school night.

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