February 18, 2024

Multiple Trips to the Mayo Clinic


Multiple Trips to the Mayo Clinic
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for February 18, 2024

Our week started with a Super Bowl Party at the Zitzewitz household.  The game was boring in the first half, but made up for it in the second.  I didn't care who won but am very happy for Taylor Swift.  She's the second coolest person I know with the initials TS.

Minnesota finally remembered it's February and dumped about 5 inches of snow on our heads.  Hard to fuss about the white stuff , though, since it's been about the mellowest winter I can ever remember experiencing.

We made 3 trips to Mayo Clinic in the past week.  First for Luke, then Miss Sheri, and I ended the tour on Thursday.  Miss Sheri received fantastic news for her 6 week post-op check-up.  The doctor said things were going along "perfectly" for her recovery from endometrial cancer which we loved to hear.  I'm still continuing to figure out some things with my lungs and heart, but it doesn't seem I'll be needing any new treatments for the foreseeable future.  Which would be nice.  We've had enough doctor visits for awhile.

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