February 4, 2024

Chasing Nirvana at the Minneapolis RV Show


Chasing Nirvana at the Minneapolis RV Show

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for February 4, 2024

We met up with our good buddies, the Browns and Zitzewitzes, for an evening of fun and debauchery in downtown Minneapolis.

Our first stop was the Ultimate RV Show which gave us free entry to explore over 275 RVs. Hosted by Camping World, this event showcased RV innovations and a variety of models to give inspiration for what we'd like to buy at some point in the future.

We entered quite a few of them to see the different layout's and styles while bumping into other guests doing the same thing. After awhile they all start looking the same a bit, so I spice things up by pretending I'm using the bathroom and scaring people when they open the door on me. It always gives them a fun surprise.

I've always thought I wanted a Class A RV, but I must admit the trailers and 5th wheels are pretty nice with a lot of extra room. I'm not sure what we'll end up doing, but it's fun to dream for awhile.

I did find my next golf cart, though.

After the RV Show, we headed over to The Market at Malcolm Yards.

It's basically a high end food court each offering a distinct culinary journey through diverse cuisines and flavors. I found it interesting that all of us selected a different place to eat. There's so many good choices!

We ended the night at Surly Brewing Company which just happens to be my favorite brewery! How can you not love a beer that has a name like Todd the Axe Man!

I had the opportunity to meet Marjean Hoeg this week. We've been friends on Facebook for years, but had never met in person. And now we have. Life is good!

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