January 28, 2024

Dark Ice Can Be Dangerous


Dark Ice Can Be Dangerous
Todd Swank's Diary Update for January 28, 2024

It was a grandma filled weekend at the Swank Household.  Which is always a really good week in my book!

Miss Sheri's mother, Leona, came to spend the week with us and Grandma Linda came over for a visit.  Both ladies are doing very well all things considered.  We feel lucky we still get the opportunity to spend time with the both of them.

In between Grandma time I also had a visit from Krazy Kory.  He was in town for his company's kick-off meeting and was awarded membership into their 2023 President's Club.  I always knew that Krazy guy would amount to something in this lifetime.

On Wednesday night, I had the honor of celebrating the birthday of Doc Mike Vogt.  It was a bunch of fun spending time with his & Portia's friends and family.

On Saturday, we took out Grandma Leona to lunch with her grandsons, Luke & Avery.  It was her first time meeting Abby so that was a special treat as well.

For some reason our local Outback closed shop so I'm glad Texas Roadhouse opened up a few years ago.  The two restaurants seem to be similar, but Texas Roadhouse has some of the best dinner rolls I've ever tasted.  Mmmmm, Honey Butter!

After we visited at home for awhile, Avery & Abby decided to venture out on Prior Lake so I crashed their little party.

Growing up in Georgia, Abby had never walked on a frozen lake before.  She seemed pretty nervous at first, but Blue led the path for her to go on a new adventure.

I must admit, when I drove by the lake earlier, I was thinking it looked dangerous because it's so dark.  It's been an odd winter and pretty warm for the most part.  However we met some fisherman after arriving who told us it was "plenty thick"....at least 12 inches.  Avery saw one of their open holes and decided to reach in there and measure it for himself.  He verified it was at least a foot or maybe even more.  I took his word for it.  I didn't want to make my arm freezing cold!  Silly child.

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