January 1, 2024

Ready For Battle in 2024


Ready For Battle in 2024
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 1, 2024

If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you know my family has had our share of health challenges. Throughout it all, Miss Sheri has been our rock and took care of all of us through each ordeal. This time, she’s the one for whom we’re requesting prayers & positive energy be sent her way. 

A few days before Christmas she was diagnosed with grade 2 endometrial cancer. She’ll be undergoing surgery at Mayo Clinic this Thursday and we’re asking for prayers for a successful procedure and to help guide the doctors to remove all the bad cells from her body.  

Thanks for your help with this request.  It’s helped the rest of us get to where we are today and we’re looking forward for it to do the same for our beloved wife and mother.
We're ready for battle and for 2024 to be a great year for all of us!

About an hour before we received the news with Miss Sheri's diagnosis, this guy landed in a tree across the street from our house which we'd never seen before.  In hindsight I'm taking it as a sign that God is watching over us, we got this, and some day we'll look back at this experience as just another bump in the road.  

The kids were at our house ready to open Christmas presents when she received the call from the doctor.  It was a shock for all of us, but we still made the best of it.

My wife knows me pretty well when it comes to what to give me for Christmas presents!

The Minnesota Vikings played against the Detroit Lions on Christmas eve day.  Luke joined me for the game and spending time with him was a way better experience than watching the competition on the field.  It just wasn't the Vikings year.

Of course any year we don't make the playoffs, there's always opportunities to make excuses.  We just couldn't ever really recover from the injury to Kirk Cousins which was nicely represented with this picture of our starting quarterback Nick Mullens giving a handoff to our starting running back Ty Chandler.  
Next year's going to be better!

We spent a couple of days over Christmas visiting the farm and hanging out with Grandma Leona and Uncle Jerry's family.  We always have a bunch of fun with them!

Of course we sought out new experiences over the holidays as well, including seeing a Terry Fator Christmas at Mystic Lake Casino.  He's the best ventriloquist I've ever seen!  Probably also the only ventriloquist I've ever seen...

We were lucky enough to hook up with several friends including Sue & Ron Korkowski at Union Rooftop in Minneapolis.  What a fun restaurant!

We ate dinner and then walked over to the Orpheum for a night of theater.  We were going to see Mrs. Doubtfire!

I was always a big Robin Williams fan and loved this movie when it came out, so I was curious if the play would be able to re-create that magic.  I'm pleased to say it really did.  It was a musical so there were a lot more song and dance acts then in the film.  But they were fun and the lead actor did a great job paying homage to Mr. Williams without trying to replicate that which made him so unique.

Krazy Kory came to town for an evening and we met up with him at the Mall of America for dinner.  That was a fun time.

Kory's daughter and her friend had an incredible experience making pottery as part of a class they took with one of my oldest friends, Holly Bozaich.  Holly and I first met about 40 years ago when I went to elementary school at Jefferson in Mason City, Iowa.  She started her new business, Pottery by Holly, in an amazing studio she built in her basement.  If you feel like getting creative, you should check out what she has to offer!

This past weekend, the fun continued when we went out with Jen and Dan Walters on Friday night.  We had dinner together and then went and sang the night away doing karaoke at the American Legion in Shakopee.  

On Saturday night we went out with the Korkowskis again and had dinner at the Prior Lake Horse and Hunt Club.  It's always fun eating when it looks like you're going to have to fight off the animals sitting around you.

After dinner, we watched a comedy show upstairs and it was pretty hilarious.  The headliner was a guy named Mike Brody who was very funny.  I surprised him when he started talking to me in the crowd and I told him I grew up in Mason City, Iowa.  He was from there as well and told stories about his experiences living in North Iowa of which I could really relate.  I hope to get the chance to see him perform again sometime!

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