January 14, 2024

Back with the Pack


Back with the Pack
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 14, 2024

Miss Sheri got wonderful news this week when she received the final pathology report from her surgery. It confirmed the cancer was confined to the uterus and there were no signs that it had spread.  A 0.3 cm tumor was found, was caught very early, and they now consider her a low risk patient.  She is slowly recovering from the procedure, but she seems to be feeling a little better every day.  Thanks again for all the prayers and kind words throughout this ordeal.  We feel very blessed!!

I had the opportunity to go and visit with Grandma Linda to teach her how to do something on the computer.  That's always a special and fun experience!

On Friday night we thought it was time to get Sheri out of the house and out in to a huge crowd of people.  So we decided on seeing a Timberwolves game at Target Center in Minneapolis.

Minnesota has been having arguably the best season of their existence.  They were 25 and 11 when the game started and standing atop the Western Conference.  We sat through a lot of bad basketball with this team over the years, so it feels good to go see some incredible wins for a change.  Rudy Gobert and Anthony Edwards are definitely among the reasons that is happening.

Karl Anthony Towns is another.  They also have a great core of role players and a deep bench.  It seems like all the pieces are in place for a serious playoff run.  That would be a nice reward for almost three decades of being loyal fans.

Back when Karl was a rookie, we sat in front of his dad Karl Senior during one of his first games.  It was pretty funny hearing him root on his son and curse the refs and opposing players.  He pretty much always sits courtside now, but we still like to pay attention to him to see what kind of shenanigans he gets himself into.  We saw him talking to this big guy in the black sweater, but couldn't figure out who it was.

Turns out it was former Minnesota Vikings Tight End, Kyle Rudolph!  I tried to get Kyle to smile for the camera, but this was the best he'd offer me.

Pretty soon the lights went out and the opening ceremonies commenced.  It was time for the Wolves to Howl!

The game started out with an overwhelming performance by the Minnesota big men Rudy and Karl.  They led the team to a big lead right out of the chute and the 1st quarter ended with the home team up by a score of 36-15.  They never really looked back and controlled the game with a comfortable lead the rest of the way.

I was able to achieve my goal to get our picture up on the big screen during one of the time-outs.  After that happened, we figured we might as well go home for the night.

Miss Sheri wanted to leave a bit early so she didn't have to wrestle with the crowd on the way out.  I was fine with it and the Wolves went on to win by a score of 116 - 93.  It was good to be Back with the Pack!

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