May 19, 2024

Cruising into Summer

Cruising into Summer
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 19, 2024

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to root on our Timberwolves for Game 4 Round 2 of the playoffs against the Denver Nuggets.  As I'm writing this post, the series is tied at 3-3 with the deciding game 7 set to start in an hour in Denver.  It would be so cool if the Wolves made it to the Western Conference Finals!

The Wolves started off very hot in the series winning the first two games on the road in Denver.  When that happened I decided to do something I've been procrastinating for years and bought a half season membership so I could buy playoff tickets without getting completely robbed.  Of course the team went on to lose their next 3 playoff games immediately after I made that decision.  That's pretty consistent with my luck on these things.

Rudy Gobert was named the NBA's defensive player of the year and received his award before the game.  None other than Minnesota Vikings legend John Randle was there to present the award to him.  That guy knew a thing or two about defense back in his day.

Of course the defensive player of the year was going up against the league MVP, Nikola Jokic.  In game 4, Jokic got the better of him scoring 35 with 7 boards and 7 assists.  Gobert had a respectable night as well with 11 points and 14 boards.  It wouldn't be enough to secure the win though.

Anthony Edwards had a big game scoring 44 points and being explosive as ever.  Unfortunately his team wasn't as successful and Anthony was one of our few bright spots for the night.

Karl Anthony Towns had a tough night.  He was 5-18 from the floor going for 13 points and 12 rebounds.  It seems this team needs Karl to be playing much better than that for them to win against the Nuggets.

We tried to help as much as we could be screaming our lungs out.  Unfortunately it didn't seem to help that much.

The only win of the evening for us was to get our picture up on the scoreboard again.  It was a hollow victory.

In the end the home team fell to the defending champs by a score of 115 to 107.  We were glad to have had a chance to watch the game, but obviously would have preferred a different outcome.

We enjoyed watching the game on Thursday night much more.  Avery was in Detroit for work so we invited Abby and Luke over to watch the game with us.  The Wolves went on to dominate that one and won by 45 points.  Hopefully they can do the same again and my next post should feature us at Game 1 at home against the Dallas Mavericks!  

Blue's mother and brother are staying with us for a few days so these guys will be our companions for watching Game 7 tonight.  

Let's go Wolves!

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