May 12, 2024

Northern Lights: The Ultimate Mother's Day Light Show

Northern Lights: The Ultimate Mother's Day Light Show

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 12, 2024

Due to some crazy solar storm that occurred this week, the Northern Lights were much more visible and widespread than usual.  At least that's what I saw all over my social media feeds this weekend.  Miss Sheri and I ventured out to see them near our neighborhood on both Friday and Saturday night and we didn't see Squat.  The two photos I'm displaying here were created by ChatGPT.  I asked it to show me what we should have seen had our efforts been rewarded.  Seeing them for real is still on my bucket list. 

We had a pretty mellow week and didn't get out too much.  What we did do, I wasn't on my game and forgot to take pictures.  Miss Sheri and I went out with Jen and Dan on Friday night for dinner and a little karaoke action, but somehow this was the only photo we took all night.  At least we were totally rocking the place in this shot.

We had a very pleasant Mother's Day celebration. We started the day by connecting with the kids at church.  That was pretty inspirational.

We then met up with Grandma Linda for Mother's Day Brunch at the Crooked Pint.  She's getting around much better and is able to drive and meet up with us again.  She still gets pretty tired easily, but that's to be expected since her surgeries weren't that long ago.  We're very pleased with how well she's doing which made for an extra special Mother's Day this year.

We hope all you fabulous moms out there have amazing Mother's Day celebrations with your families also!!

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