September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend on the St. Croix River

Labor Day Weekend on the St. Croix River
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 1, 2013

The boys started school a week early this year which was probably a good thing since it's their first year in high school!  I'm so excited that my boys are freshmen!  To help prepare them for school, I dunked each of their heads in the toilet for about 2 minutes and then yanked their underwear up in the back.  Hopefully that helps get them in the zone.

Miss Sheri's college friends came to town and spent a couple of days with her.  I tried to bring back memories of college for them by staging a classic "Panty Raid" on each of their rooms as they slept.  They didn't think it was very funny to have to go without underwear for the rest of the week, but I'm sure over time they'll appreciate the nostalgia of the moment.

On Saturday, we drove to Hudson, Wisconsin to join the Zitzewitz Family on the St. Croix River for some Labor Day festivities.

I always find it interesting riding the elevator down to the river.  I think it would be so fun if the cable broke and we'd roller coaster all the way down to the bottom and be launched into the water.  I gotta get Karl to let me try doing that some time.

It was a nice, sunny day and we were all geared up to spend it with a bunch of nice, sunny people.

All right.  Not everyone was nice and sunny.  Some of the boys seemed downright surly.  Maybe they just got sick of me asking them to pose for pictures.

Troy and Rhonda Brown didn't seem to mind posing when I asked them.  So I had that going for me which made for a pretty darn good day.

Eventually the ladies went in the water to have a drink.  At least, I hope that's all they were doing.

I told Karl that it was a dream of mine to ride around on a jet ski with my back pressed up against his.  He was nice enough to accommodate.

The Great Big Mable Tube gave the kids another great time all afternoon.  Unfortunately, none of those pictures turned out very well so I snuck in this picture from Wednesday night when they did the same thing on Prior Lake.  One thing you can always say about Mable, she sure does get rode a lot!

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