September 22, 2013

Prior Lake Homecoming 2013

Prior Lake Homecoming 2013
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 22, 2013

On Thursday night, we went out to dinner with our neighbor, Jim.  Mystic Lake Steak House was a winning choice again.  Good food at that place.

On Friday night, we picked up Grandma Linda and brought her to the Prior Lake Homecoming game and met up with Mark and Heidi Wojahn.  We were ready for some football!

Before the game started, we got to see our boys perform in the marching band.  That Avery sure is our favorite tromboner.

While Luke has rhythm and gets to bang big plates together which looks like a lot of fun.  Glad they're not my plates, though.

The student section started getting rowdy waiting for the game to begin.  Prior Lake high school is like the 6th biggest school in the state of Minnesota, so when this group gets going it can be heard for miles around!  And when they start bouncing, it makes me nervous wondering how long those bleachers are going to stay standing!

The sky was kind of scary, but we luckily avoided getting wet.  That was about the best thing that we could say about the game, though, since unfortunately the home team which had been ranked 7th in the state was upset by visiting Rosemount by a score of 24-13.  I guess for next year's homecoming they might want to think about inviting an easier team to play.

For half time, the boys and the rest of the Freshman band got to go on the field to play a couople of songs with the Varsity Band which gave us something more to cheer about.

 Did I mention that Avery is our favorite tromboner?  I just love saying that word.

On Saturday morning, we woke up early to go support Camp Odayin and their Heart and Sole walk.  It's also called a Heart and Sole Run, but I'm not very fond of that activity, so we just focus on the walk aspect of the event instead.

A lot of people apparently like to run though, so we stayed out of their way until they passed.  If people have that kind of energy, I sure don't want to make them angry.

We like our pace which gives us much more stamina to be goofy to people walking by us.

The best part of the event is getting to see our old friends like Sara who is the founder of Camp Odayin.

As well as Bess and Matt who we've known for years thanks to various camping outings and other events.  They're all such nice people.

We even bumped into Dr. Bakrer, the boy's cardiologist.  During our last visit he said Luke could go without having another visit for a whole year and Avery could go 2 years before he needs to see him again.  So it's nice to see him in a casual encounter rather than for professional reasons.

Luke and Avery had to leave the walk early so we could get home and start preparing for the big Homecoming Dance on Saturday night.  The kids had a great time.  So great in fact that I'm busy trying to figure out how I can chaperone the event next year so I don't have to miss out on all the fun!  And I'm sure my boys would just appreciate it so much if they could see me at the big dance.

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