May 14, 2017

Minnesota Monthly Grillfest 2017

Minnesota Monthly Grillfest 2017
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 14, 2017

On Saturday, we joined some friends at the 2017 Minnesota Monthly Grillfest at CHS Field in St. Paul, Minnesota.

It was 80 degrees and sunny so the place was jam-packed.  I guess everybody likes to spend beautiful days sampling beers and tasting various meats being grilled.

There were all kinds of different types of beers to be tasted.  

And all sorts of friendly people willing to share in the fun with us.

There was a burger contest where several local restaurants competed for who would carry the title of Best Burger.  We really liked the one from B52's.

Surly has been my favorite local brewery for the past few years, so it's fun to test their latest flavors.  I wasn't a big fan of their 2017 Pentagram which is probably a good thing.  That one just sounds dangerous.

Fogo De Chao was our favorite meat booth.  They have really good sausages.

We went with a bunch of fun people who's futures are so bright, they gotta wear shades.

After several samples, we thought it would be nice to relax in the grass and just enjoy the day for awhile.

Soon enough, we were ready to go again.  Troy said let's go to the Baked Potato bar!  So we journeyed over there.

They had a pretty good system for creating incredible baked potatoes.  You had to scrape out the center of the potato, mix it with a bunch of yummy ingredients, and then put it back in the skin before placing it on the grill.

Miss Sheri was challenged with scraping her potato and was chastised by the instructor for being too rough with it.  She eventually figured it out, though.

All in all, it was a great day at Grillfest 2017!

Happy Mother's Day, Miss Sheri, and to all the wonderful mothers out there!!

On a sad note, we lost a member of Miss Sheri's family this week when her aunt, Marian Timmerman, passed away.  She was a very sweet lady and died at the tender age of 92.  Here is a link to her obituary.  Rest in Peace, Marian!!

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