May 29, 2017

Prior Lake Farmer's Market 2017

Prior Lake Farmer's Market 2017
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 29, 2017

My sons Luke and Avery are graduating high school in a couple of weeks so we continue to experience our "last times" at certain events that have been a regular part of our lives.  This week it was watching Luke perform at his last high school band concert.  He's been performing percussion since the 6th grade so we've been coming to see him perform for more than seven years now.  I thought to mark the occasion, I'd share a couple of minutes of video from the event:

He's not really happy with me for putting this video on YouTube, but it's the last time he'll have to worry about that also.

We continue to get our house ready for their graduation party.  Last week we had to clear out the main level to get our wood floors re-surfaced.  This week we had to clear out everything upstairs to get new carpet.  It's been a major pain in the butt, but now that it's done we're really happy having fresh new floors throughout our house.
It feels so squishy on my toes.

My old, buddy Orlando Mazzolini, picked me up to go exploring the woods of nearby Jordan, Minnesota.  We picked up quite a few ticks along the way.

Orlando always takes me on a new adventure whenever we get together.  I really trust the dude so I just have to keep the faith whenever I see signs like these.

The high school robotics season is over so we had our year end celebration banquet at the Legends.  This year's seniors had the seats of honor.

I've been the president of the Prior Lake Robotics booster club the past couple of years so I had the chance to say a few words to open the awards ceremony.  It's always a little dangerous to give me a microphone, but hopefully I didn't embarrass my kids too much.

Luke was one of the captains this year being responsible for mentoring the elementary school program, so he had the chance to say a few words also.  It's always fun watching the kids do public speaking.

Avery received several awards for his work as the head of programming.  There's so many talented kids on this team and it's a lot of fun to see them all being celebrated.

On Saturday, we stopped by the Prior Lake Farmer's Market.  It was a beautiful morning so the streets were packed with people.

I don't know how many Farmers are actually selling their wares here, but there are several people selling various food items and other goodies.  I always find something that makes me want to pull out my wallet.

It was fun to see one of the mentors from Prior Lake Robotics, Mark Glewwe.  He was there supporting his company, Glewwe's Castle Brewery.  The city will only let him sell root beer at the Farmers Market so we will have to go to his place some time to try the good stuff.

We always enjoy stopping by this food truck to buy breakfast.  They have fantastic egg sandwiches, burritos, and other yummy items.  Well done, El Jefe!

These guys were playing pleasant music all morning.  You know life is good when you're playing guitar while wearing socks and sandals.

Our neighbor's daughter, Jill, surprised the boys with early graduation presents.  Jill is an ex Minnesota Golden Gopher and has been so excited to get Avery his Gopher bibs ever since she heard that's where he was going to college.  I think he looks good in them!

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