May 14, 2017

Rest in Peace, Sunny Swank.

Rest in Peace, Sunny Swank.

Our beloved Golden Retriever, Sunny, went to that big lake in the sky where he can swim and play all day.

Sunny celebrated his 12th birthday last week with his adopted brother, Blue.

He was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis a month ago.  We had been considering a surgery but we read there were a lot of side effects, recovery was a rough process, and it was questionable how much longer it would give him or if it would give him a difficult quality of life.

When we took him outside yesterday morning, he couldn't even walk around the yard he was gasping for air so much. 

We called the vet, they said bring him in.  The doctor could feel a large mass in his throat.  He said we could try to go have emergency surgery but he didn't recommend it

He said if it was his dog, he would put him to sleep. So we cried a lot, said let's do it, gave him a bunch of hugs, told him he was the best dog in the world, and stroked him while the doctor did the injection.

This has been hard on all of us.  Sunny has grown up with the boys and was just always so full of happiness and joy.

He learned how to deal with the new puppy we brought home.

We took him on countless trips to the dog park.

Thousands of tennis balls thrown and retrieved.

A million treats eaten.

Learning how to share his toys.

Miles of pets and strokes.

Being forced to dress up and pose for pictures.

He was a part of our family for 12 awesome years.

Always ready to play despite the floods.

Never too cold to go for a swim.

Just full of love

We are going to miss you Sunny.

Thanks for always being there for a hug.

Thanks for always being ready for adventure.

Thanks for training Blue.

We love you, Sunny!!

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