May 7, 2017

Oak Hills Golf Course in Clear Lake, Iowa 2017

Oak Hills Golf Course in Clear Lake, Iowa 2017
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 7, 2017

On Friday, some co-workers and I checked out a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis known for their fried chicken.  It's called Revival and I must admit, it was pretty good.  I recommend sticking with the Tennessee hot sauce though, because the Poultrygeist sauce they have is enough to melt your tongue a bit.

The sun started shining a bit in Minneapolis this week.  It makes my wait at the bus stop outside of the Oracle building so much more pleasant than it normally is.

On Friday night, our old buddies the Zitzewitz family invited us over for a Cinco De Mayo celebration.  That was so dang nice of them.

 We had margaritas, tacos, and chips and salsa.  It made me wish that I had to pronounce every day on the calendar in Spanish.  Like Ocho De Mayo.  Or Uno De Mayo.

The Zitzewitzes were excited to show off the baby geese they had growing in their backyard.  They were pretty cute although not real friendly.  I wanted to hold one of these, but they just kept swimming away every time I'd try to get near them.  Stuck up.

On Saturday, I drove down to Clear Lake , Iowa to do some golfing with some of my high school buddies, Krazy Kory, Ron "Sugarman" Myers, and Stacy Brood.  I still gotta come up with a nickname for Stacy.

We went to see Sheila Sherman at my favorite gold course in the world, Oak Hills, in Clear Lake, Iowa.

We also saw course owner, Tom Sherman, with some of my old pals while they were playing a round.  They were in some sort of competitive battle with the foursome in front of them so they had their game faces on.  I wouldn't want to go up against these guys in a golf battle.

We ended up playing a little more than 18 holes throughout Saturday.  I had fun, but need to get in better shape for next time.  I have a tough time keeping up with these guys.

We sure do have fun together, though!

After golfing, we stopped by Papas in Mason City and saw our old friend, Doug Brown.  Doug has been running this place for as long as I can remember and we've had a lot of fun times here, so it was good to stop by for a quick visit.

We then went to Northwestern Steakhouse for supper.  This restaurant is famous in North Iowa for having some of the best steaks around.  It was so good!

They spoiled us rotten as we engorged ourselves on one of the best steaks I've had in recent memory.  Yum!

When I came back home, Sunny reminded us that we forgot his birthday and demanded that we celebrate it immediately.  He turned 12 this year, so he's starting to get pretty crabby in his old age.  He eventually became much happier when we showed him his birthday muffin.  Food always has an interesting way of making him forget his problems for awhile.

On Sunday, we had the privilege of attending the Eagle Ceremony for Braeden Malotky, Joseph Hanson, and Michael Heile.  Elizabeth Heile was also being honored for earning her Gold Award in Girl Scouts.  I had never attended a Gold Award ceremony before, but it was really nice getting to be part of this special occasion as well.  Some really great kids with some really bright futures ahead of them! 

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