February 7, 2021

It's Freezing in Minnesota!

It's Freezing in Minnesota!
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for February 7, 2021

February has hit Minnesota like it usually does, by dropping an arctic fury of frozen oxygen all over the joint.  Wind chills have been as low as 35 below zero and the regular temperature isn't supposed to rise above zero for at least another week.  
It's colder than a Witches Zit!

I was thinking it was going to be another weekend stuck at home, but my buddy, Dan Walters, invited me to join him for some ice fishing on Spring Lake again.  Lucky me.

Dan is a veteran of the first Gulf War and was a member of the US Marine Corp.  He's quite proud of his time spent in the service and enjoys telling me different stories of his time when he was deployed overseas.  It helps pass the time while we aren't catching fish.

Miss Sheri was kind enough to drop me off for my playdate with Dan.  It gave her a good opportunity to test out the 4 Wheel Drive on her new Explorer.  Although it was way too cold out to go looking for the thin spots I mentioned last week.

We spent about 2 and a half hours fishing together.  I wasn't completely shut out after catching a 6 inch long perch, but I'm starting to questions Dan's fishing abilities.  Especially since he keeps on insisting he caught this singing fish last winter.

Eventually Jen came out to join us and she was rocking her throwback Tampa Bay Buccaneers T-shirt.   I thought it was an awesome thing to do for Super Bowl weekend.  Jen and Dan used to live in Tampa so they are very excited for the game.  Let's go Tom Brady!

Eventually Miss Sheri even joined us in the ice shack.  She's not a huge fan of fishing, but I think it was much warmer than sitting and waiting for me in the truck.  I'm totally kidding.  We had a very pleasant evening ice fishing with our friends.  Even if we still really haven't caught any fish.

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