April 15, 2012

Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida

Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 4, 2012

On Wednesday, we drove back to Tampa Bay to Busch Gardens.  After I heard the name of the place, I had a total different expectation of what we'd be seeing when we got there, but it turned out to be pretty nice anyways.

They told me that it was kind of like a zoo and an amusement park put together.  But I found out the hard way, that didn't mean you get to ride the animals.

Although some of the animals, I don't think I would have liked trying to ride.  We were told this is one of the last known dinosaurs living on the planet!  It's called a RhinoSaurus!

Many of the animals really liked being fed, although we had to discourage Luke from doing this as much as possible.  The kid doesn't really have any fingers left to spare!

Avery got to ride on this lady's back while she fed apples to the elephant.  He really seemed to enjoy it.

For the rest of the day he walked around with a smarmy attitude.  When I asked him why, he said "I got to ride on a lady's back while she fed apples to the elephants."

We also got to go on a bunch of rides while we were at the park including this funky jeep through the animal preserve.  Luckily, the boys weren't driving for real otherwise we would have probably ended up as dinner for one of God's other creatures.

We didn't have many pictures of us on the rides.  Probably because it was tough to take pictures through our plastic coatings.

We ended the day at a neat ice skating show called Iceploration.  The highlight for me was when one of the skaters winked at me during her performance because I was hooting and hollering for her.  Miss Sheri doesn't believe me when I tell her she winked at me.  Is it really all that improbable?

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