April 15, 2012

Swank Family Trip to Florida 4/2/12 - 4/10/12

For spring break this year, we decided to hop on an airplane and fly to Florida.  

Our destination was Tampa Bay.  Luckily, the pilot led us to the right place.

Right before landing, we saw the beginning of I275 where it crosses the Bay.  We never actually got to drive on this road, but I imagine it's quite fun to navigate during stormy weather.

We typically stay at a hotel during vacations like this, but Dr. Bollig recommended we go to www.vrbo.com and rent someone's house instead.  We were quite pleased with the results!  For about the same price as a hotel, we had 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, our own pool, and hot tub!  It's was great to have the chance to spread out and not be on top of my family for 8 days!

Plus, having a kitchen gave us the opportunity to eat many meals at home instead of being held hostage by the local restaurant robber barons!  Even if we did still give them more than their fair share of our vacation budget.

Luke's favorite activity in Florida is to go Lizard Hunting.  So shortly after we came to the house, he grabbed a bucket and went on the search.  He zealously started searching around the air conditioner and suddenly found himself face to face with this bad boy.

Needless to say, for the rest of week Luke was cautious on his Lizard Hunting Expeditions.  I have no idea what kind of snake this was, but my wife was certain it was poisonous as she kept yelling at me to not get too close to it.  Doesn't that woman know my blood is full of AntiVenom?

Since we came to town late, we thought we'd run into Orlando to get a bite to eat.  That was when we discovered that birds in Florida take no crap and aren't going to let a silly thing like traffic slow them down.  They go whereever they want to!

And that's how we spent our first day in Florida.

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