April 1, 2012

Minnesota Wild VS Florida Panthers

Minnesota Wild Vs Florida Panthers
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 1, 2012

On Thursday night, a couple of co-workers and I were invited by AMD to go see a hockey match between the home town Minnesota Wild and the Florida Panthers.  The Wild started the season with one of the best records in the entire league, but injuries have haunted them and they are now ranking somewhere near the bottom.  Nevertheless, we were still geared up to watch some man on man action on the ice!

Nordy was pumped up to watch the game.  Even if he was facing the wrong way to enjoy it.

My co-worker, Mike Wittchow, was also pumped up, but annoyed with me for taking his picture.  He said he doesn't like it when I put him on my website because it Screws Up the search engine optimization for his name.  Sounds like a personal problem to me!

This guy in the upper deck was also pumped up so I took his picture. He then yelled down something to me I couldn't understand.  My co-worker, Jay, thought he said "Hey, aren't you Shortarmguy?"  I think he said "Hey, if you take my picture again, I'm going to come down there and punch you in the nose!"

The game was actually pretty boring for most of the night.  The Wild appeared to be heading for another loss when they were down 2-1 for much of the end of the game.  Then suddenly, with only 30 seconds left, they scored a tying goal!  Then they ended up winning the game with a miraculous shot 15 seconds into the overtime period.  Those Wild sure can be exciting to watch some times!

It was a gloomy and cool weekend on Prior Lake.  Not many boats out there.

But I figured something was amiss when Sunny's face suddenly was overtaken by a very concerned look.

Turns out it was only an otter.

Boy, by the way he was looking, I would have thought it was the Loch Ness Monster or something!

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