July 2, 2012

Joan Jett and Heart at Mystic Lake Casino

Joan Jett and Heart at Mystic Lake Casino

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 29, 2012

On Friday night, we connected with our good friends, Portia and Doc, to go and rock out at the Mystic Lake Casino Amphitheater with Joan Jett and Heart.  None of us gave a Damn About Our Bad Reputation.

I'd heard good thing about the Mystic Lake Casino Amphitheater, but this was my first time to visit.  I was pretty impressed with the sound and stage.  I've heard this is only a temporary set-up and if it's successful, there's going to build a more permanent structure.  I hope that happens, because this place was a blast!

Apparently, Joan Jett loves Rock and Roll.  She made me want to put another dime in the jukebox, but I'll be damned if I just couldn't find it anywhere around.  

I knew I was going to enjoy Miss Jett, but didn't realize how much I loved the music of Heart.  They sang a lot of meaningful songs from my youth that I didn't even realize were their's.  They inspired the hell out of me!

This lady sure could wail!

The stage lighting made getting clear shots a bit of a challenge, but Miss Sheri kept trying.  I found this one to be just a bit spooky.

Thanks, Portia and Doc, for the great night!

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