July 22, 2012

Kid Rock at Mystic Lake Casino

Kid Rock at Mystic Lake Casino
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for July 15, 2012

Our old friend, Amy Montgomery, was able to score Miss Sheri and I the opportunity to see Kid Rock in concert at the Mystic Lake Casino Amphitheater last Sunday night.  It sure was nice of her!

Technically, it was Amy's friend, Mike, that was able to get us in to see the show.  He's a guitar technician for the band.  I only had the chance to meet him for a few seconds, but he seemed like a great guy!

When we first arrived, I felt like we were in the movie Almost Famous.  We were like groupies hanging out with the guards until "Penny Lane" was able to get us the magic access passes to go Back Stage.  I was thinking I might have to go back there and have relations with one of the band members, but none of them seemed all that interested in me.

My badge said I was working for the band.  I'm glad nobody started bossing me around and telling me to carry stuff around or something.  I would have hated to have dropped one of the guitars and ruined the concert!

Amy's badge said she was part of Kid Rock's Family although I don't know how she was related to him.  Kid Sister?  Aunt Rock?  I'll probably never know the truth.

I never actually saw Mr. Rock while we were backstage, but I'm pretty sure he was in one of these buses.  I was tempted to knock on the door and see if he wanted to hang out with me, but figured he might be sleeping or something and decided it would be best not to bother him.

Instead, we took our seats.  They hooked us up with some really nice folding chairs located between the sound booth and the stage.  I was prepared to help them with the audio mixing if they needed me, but unfortunately I was never asked to help.

We were surprised when our old friends, Molly and Brad from Clear Lake, Iowa, suddenly showed up and were sitting in the seats two rows behind us.  I have no idea how they knew Amy's friend, Mike, but was glad to see he was able to get them some seats also.

Kid Rock hit the stage ready to blow the doors off the joint!  He was also very friendly!  I couldn't believe it when he started waving to me, but he did!

I was so impressed that even though it's been almost 12 years since his friend, Joe C, has passed away, he still pays tribute to him in his shows.  I thought that was pretty classy!

It was the first time I'd seen Kid Rock perform live and I loved it!  Here's a couple of minutes of video Miss Sheri shot from the show so you can enjoy it as well!

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