July 15, 2012

My Great Aunt Myrtle

My Great Aunt Myrtle 
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for July 5, 2012

So after our awesome 4th of July celebration in Clear Lake, we ventured down to Kansas City, Missouri to meet my sister.  But on our way, we decided to make a quick stop in Des Moines, to make homage to the Capitol of Iowa.    I'm not completely sure, but I believe the top of that building is entirely made of corn.

The reason for our stop was to visit with my mom's Aunt Myrtle.  She's my great Aunt and Luke and Avery's Great, Great Aunt.  She's pretty Great.  She was married to my Uncle Chet for 67 years and had 52 offspring!!  5 Children, 14 Grandchildren, 32 Great Grandchildren, and 1 Great Great Grandchild.  That's a whole bunch of Christmas Cards Aunt Myrtle needs to send out every year!

Grandma Linda was very concerned about what she was going to bring for our visit.  She spent a couple of weeks preparing for which doughnuts she was going to buy and from where.  It was a very tough decision for her to make, but eventually she settled on Casey's in Clear Lake for the purchase.  Then she belly ached for the next two days that she couldn't believe that Casey's didn't have any chocolate doughnuts.   I don't know what the big deal was.  I thought the sprinkled ones were just fine.  

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