July 18, 2012

Travis Tritt at Prior Lake Lakefront Music Fest

Travis Tritt at Prior Lake Lakefront Music Fest
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for July 13, 2012

I had a blast from the past this weekend when a friend of mine from high school, Todd Lincoln, who I hadn't seen in 20 years suddenly called me up and said he now lived in Prior Lake.  Naturally, my only response could be.  "Hey, bud.  Let's Party!"

So we looked around what was happening around Prior Lake on Friday night and discovered that the Rotary Club was hosting The Lakefront Music Fest.  Although I hadn't really heard of any of the performers before, it sounded like fun to me.  I hoped at least one of the bands would play some Hip Hop.  When we arrived I saw the headliner Travis Tritt's truck.  I wasn't that excited to be part of the Storm Tour especially when it was an outdoor concert and the skies were looking pretty unfriendly.

The Prior Lake Rotary Club did an incredible job with the event.  I believe this is the third year in a row they've done it and every year has been better than the last!  I was getting really excited to sit down and listen to some good rap music.

Looking again at the lineup for Friday night, I still didn't recognize any of the names.  I was hopeful about Rockie Lynne, though.  With a name like that I figured he was going to Bust some Mad Rhymes!

We settled into an area that we felt comfortable and suddenly were overjoyed to see our old friend, Heidi Wojahn, there with a friend of hers named Cheryl that also seemed very nice.  We invited them to sit down and we had a most lively chat.  Heidi told me that her taste in music was mostly geared towards other genres, but her secret was that she was a groupie for a musician who goes by the name of Dan Navarro.  Well, my jaw dropped when I heard this.  Then I asked her what she meant by being a "Groupie".  She explained to me this meant that she was a huge fan of his music and she traveled all over the place to see him perform.  I smiled, nodded, and said that's exactly what I thought she meant.  She then told me that she even once had the opportunity to actually perform with Mr. Navarro!  She even told me there was a Youtube video of the event which I just happened to find right here:

Suddenly the show began and the guy on stage says there was a local motorcycle group that was there paying Tribute to the Troops.   I thought that was so nice.  In the back of my mind it made me think that maybe some of the musicians would be playing Heavy Metal instead of rap music, but I thought that would be fine as well.

I was all geared up to start rocking!  The crowd was HUGE!!  This place was going to be jumping any moment!

Then Rockie Lynne came out.  And he was singing Country Music.  I'm not a real big fan of Country Music.  If anything, instead of partying, it makes me feel like going home, burying my head in a pillow, and having a real good cry to myself.  I did like the respect they played to the flag, though.

Travis Tritt came out and I found that I did start getting into his music a bit.  We're even thinking about planning a vacation to Nashville some time so I can see what else I've been missing.    I recorded a snippet so you can hear what you missed:

Although I still can't say I'm a Travis Tritt Fan.  I can now honestly say, I'm a Fan of Travis Tritt's Fans.  They all seemed like such nice people.

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